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3D Touch Probes from HEIDENHAIN for workpiece and tool measurement on CNC Machine tools

Special offer for 3D Touch Probes, Download PDF file, Bulgarian version

Touch probes from HEIDENHAIN were conceived for use on machine tools - in particular milling machines and machining centers. Touch probes help to reduce setup times, increase machine usage time and improve the dimensional accuracy of the finished workpieces. Setup, measuring and monitoring functions can be performed manually or - in conjunction with most CNC controls - under program control.

Workpiece measurement
HEIDENHAIN offers TS triggering touch probes for workpiece measurement right on the machine. The probe is inserted in the tool holder either manually or by the tool changer. They enable you to use the probing functions offered by your NC control to automatically or manually perform the following functions:
♦  Workpiece alignment
♦  Workpiece presetting
♦  Workpiece measurement
♦  Digitizing or inspecting 3-D surfaces.

Tool measurement
Successful series production hinges on the prevention of scrap or rework and the attainment of consistently good workmanship. The tool is a decisive factor here. Wear or tool breakage that go undetected for extended periods, especially during unattended operation, result in defective parts and unnecessarily increase costs. Therefore, exact measurement of tool dimensions and periodic control of wear are absolutely essential. For tool measurement on the machine, HEIDENHAIN offers the TT threedimensional touch probe and the TL laser systems. With the TT triggering touch probes, the contact plate is deflected from its rest position, sending a trigger signal to the NC control, during probing of the stationary or rotating tool.