7206 Thermal Printer

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Manufacturer : DASCOM

The Tally Dascom 7206 thermal transfer models offer industrial performance in desktop size. The mechanism uses an all-metal construction ensuring reliable operation, a must for all industrial environments. The user friendly design of the printers allows a space saving vertical opening and an easy to use print mechanism ensures quick and easy loading of labels and ribbons. An intelligent ribbon control system stops the ribbon from wrinkling, giving you constant height print quality.

The 7206 offers a wide range of features and options usually only found on high performance machines. The 7206 is easily integrated into existing systems, internal Ethernet interface is also available. In addition to this, the 7206 is also available with options such as a cutter and a peeler to meet industry requirements.

The 7206-300 with a resolution of 300 dpi is ideal for printing small labels with logos, images and graphics.


  • Space-Saving Design Concept
  • Easy and Quick media loading
  • Serial and USB Standard
  • Optional Parallel and Ethernet
  • Supports Zebra® and Datamax® emulation
  • Optional Cutter and Peeler
  • Internal 5 inch (125mm) media capacity
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