Corporate Commercial Bank AD
The one of the most dynamic Bulgarian banks, offering to its customers the full spectre of banking services. Leading watchwords include offering quality service, awareness of social responsibility, and creating value for customers, shareholders, staff and the general public.
For fast and efficient printing of information for the clients in the banks are used wide-format line printers TallyGenicom model 6212. The printed continous paper is passed to cutting automat HEFTER model C6609+, which remove longitudinal and transverve perforation and format it as leafs. With this high technology solution we offer and automatic enveloping (1) of this prepared correspondence.
Easy, reliable and comfortbale, isn’t it?
Files with description of this application, you can download in Documents section.

Printer 6212
DASCOM (TallyGenicom)

Cutting automat HEFTER C6609+
Hefter Systemform


Corporate Commercial Bank AD
Brochure (English version, PDF, 0.4 MB)

Prospect for printer 6212
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Cutting automat HEFTER
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